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The owner of this website is TECNOALARM S.r.l. with registered office in Via Ciriè 38, 10099 San Mauro Torinese, Turin, Italy, hereinafter referred to as “Tecnoalarm”. This Cookie Policy is embedded in the Privacy Policy of Tecnoalarm and has the purpose to set out how we use cookies and how the user can manage his cookie preferences.

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What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by the user store on the user’s terminal equipment. They are transmitted to the same websites on the user’s next visit. The cookies are used for several purposes, they have different characteristics, and may be used both by the owners of the visited websites and by third parties.

What cookies we use

The cookies we use are divided into:

Technical cookies for which the user’s consent is not required:

  • Cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website and the delivery of the service: this website uses phpsessid PHP session cookies. These user session identifiers are used to maintain session status.
  • Anonymous analytic cookies: this website uses Google Analytics with anonymized IP which generates cookies that expire after one year. They are considered anonymous as they cannot be used to identify individuals.
    In particular, this website uses Google Analytics (Google Inc.) which generates cookies with the modalities illustrated by the Privacy Policy and by the specific terms of Data Privacy and Security.
    Google will not associate the user’s IP address to any data in their possession. The terms of service that all the users of the program must accept, prohibit the monitoring and collecting of personal information (personal identification data, such as the name, email address, billing data or other data that can reasonably be linked to such information) through the use of Google Analytics or the association of this data to web traffic reports.
    These cookies have the only purpose of collecting statistics and information in aggregated form.
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The use of technical cookies does not require the user’s consent. These cookies are installed automatically as soon as the user browses the website.

Cookies that require the user’s consent:

All cookies other than those mentioned above will be installed or activated only upon the user’s express consent the first time he visits the website. The user can consent to the use of cookies in a generic form through an interactive information banner on the landing page of the website, with the modalities indicated in the banner (closing the banner, clicking the OK button, scrolling the page or clicking any of its elements); or he can provide his consent selectively, with the below modalities. Consent is stored for future visits. However, the user can revoke his consent at any time completely or partially.

Cookies managed by third parties

Upon access to this website, third-party cookies are installed to the user’s device. The user gives his consent to all of them simply by continuing to navigate this website. The following link provides detailed information about how behavioral advertising works and about how third parties use cookies:

Displaying content from external platforms

This type of services allow interaction with external platforms directly from the pages of this website. If a service of this kind is installed, it might still collect web traffic data for the pages where it is installed, even when the user does not use it.

YouTube Video Widget (Google Inc.)

YouTube is a video hosting service provided by Google Inc. that allows this website to display video content in embedded players.
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The user can manage his cookie preferences through your web browser settings, too. He can access all the necessary information on his web browser by clicking on "Help" in the upper part of the browser window.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari e Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Useful links

For further information about cookies and their use on the internet, the following links might be useful: